Crystal Glue Tray

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Our crystal glue tray is a must for every lash tech. Each well holds the perfect glue drop and keeps your glue from curing too quickly. 12 wells allows you plenty of room for even your longest lash sessions. When finished just soak your tray in a glass container or jar for at least an hour. Remove safely with gloves or tongs and rinse with water. Allow to dry and it is ready to use again. It is a good idea to have a few trays on hand so you can alternate between clients during soaking. This will save you lots of time.

Tip: add some tape to the back of your crystal tile and stick to the top of your lash tile for added convenience. 

  • 5x6cm
  • 12 wells
  • saves money instead of having to buy disposable glue wells or sticker

Disposable Glue Wells

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Our disposable glue wells are great for keeping your glue from curing too quickly and allow for 25 drops of glue. For added convenience add some tape to the back of your well and stick to the top of your lash tile before adding glue. When you are done just peel off your well and dispose of. It’s that easy!

  • Has room for 25 glue dots
  • Disposable
  • Easy clean up
  • Package of 10

Eye Pads

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Our lint free eye pads are curved in the shape of the eye to cover the lower lashes and are easily removable without damaging delicate skin under the eye.

  • 2 sizes small and large
  • Lint free
  • With collagen
  • Anti wrinkle formula
  • Comes in packs of 10

Foam Tape

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Foam Tape is a hypoallergenic tape that provides your clients with the highest degree of protection and comfort.Perfect for covering eyelids and securing the lower lashes. The thicker foam padding helps protect the skin from tweezers during application. The use of tape minimizes the chance of skin irritation and reaction.

  • hypoallergenic
  • contains no latex
  • tape can be stretched horizontal and vertical

Foil Glue Sticker

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Keep your lash pallet or jade stone clean with these disposable foil glue stickers. Just drop your glue directly on the sticker to create a dome and dispose of when done.

  • 2cm diameter
  • foil back for easy removal
  • disposable
  • package of 300

Lash Tile

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Keep your lashes organized while you work with our customizable lash tile. Our lash tiles are a perfect size and weight to keep them from slipping around while you work. Don’t forget your foil glue stickers that fit perfectly on these tiles.

  • 13.5x8cm
  • 6mm-16mm
  • Has a spot to place a glue sticker
  • Lines so you can label your curl and thickness
  • NOT acetone safe

Lash Wash Brush

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Our lash wash brushes pair well with our lash cleanser and work great to effectively clean lashes before service or for clients to clean lashes daily at home. Keeping lashes clean will
lengthen retention time and aid in a better bond of new lash extensions. Clean lashes are happy lashes!

  • soft brush hairs
  • small compact size

Lint Free Applicators

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Our lint free applicators are great for the application of primer and super bonder. They can also be used for removing makeup or debris from the lash area before the service. Lint free applicators also work great with lash remover to remove lashes.

  • Disposable
  • Lint free

    Package of 50

  • Choose from black, pink or mint

Micro Brushes

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Our micro brushes come in a pack of 100 and are perfect for a variety of uses. Micro brushes come in a clear plastic container with a lid for your convenience. Just shake and brushes are easily dispensed.

  • Applying superbonder
  • Applying primer
  • Removing lashes
  • Cleaning lash line before application

Micro swabs come in a clear plastic container with lid for your convenience. Just shake and swabs are easily dispensed.