Lash Wash Brush

0 out of 5

Our lash wash brushes pair well with our lash cleanser and work great to effectively clean lashes before service or for clients to clean lashes daily at home. Keeping lashes clean will
lengthen retention time and aid in a better bond of new lash extensions. Clean lashes are happy lashes!

  • soft brush hairs
  • small compact size

Lint Free Applicators

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Our lint free applicators are great for the application of primer and super bonder. They can also be used for removing makeup or debris from the lash area before the service. Lint free applicators also work great with lash remover to remove lashes.

  • Disposable
  • Lint free

    Package of 50

  • Choose from black, pink or mint

Micro Brushes

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Our micro brushes come in a pack of 100 and are perfect for a variety of uses. Micro brushes come in a clear plastic container with a lid for your convenience. Just shake and brushes are easily dispensed.

  • Applying superbonder
  • Applying primer
  • Removing lashes
  • Cleaning lash line before application

Micro swabs come in a clear plastic container with lid for your convenience. Just shake and swabs are easily dispensed.

Reusable Crystal Lash Wand

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Do you have clients who are tired of using a boring lash wand that sticks to everything in their purse? Our crystal lash wands are the solution! They have lids…..and they sparkle! These are a great item to add to your aftercare selection.