Silk Easy Fan Lashes Mixed Trays

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Limit Lash’s easy fan lashes are perfect for any lash tech looking to save some time during their volume sets. Our lashes are made of silk material and have a sticky base that keeps the lashes together for easy application. With a shorter taper our lashes have a fuller body creating a luscious, fuller set!

  • Foil back for easy strip removal from lash tile
  • Mixed length trays 8mm-15mm
  • Each tray has 16 rows
  • 8mm 1 row
  • 9mm 2 rows
  • 10mm 2 rows
  • 11mm 2 rows
  • 12mm 2 rows
  • 13mm 3 rows
  • 14mm 2 rows
  • 15mm 2 rows