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Our eyelash primer is used to prep the natural lash for lash extensions by removing oils,debris and makeup to provide a clean surface for application. This will create a better bond for maximum retention.

  • 15ml
  • apply with lint free applicator or micro swab
  • clear liquid
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El Tweezer

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Our EL tweezer has a small, thin L shape tip for precision grabbing. The thin tip makes it easy to maneuver and pick up handmade and pre fan lashes.

  • ergonomic
  • black plasma
  • 12cm from tip to tip
  • ultra lightweight .5 oz
  • fine tip
  • acetone safe

Paper Tape

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Our paper tape works great for taping up the upper lashes to aid in isolation. Also great for helping secure lower lash pads and keep them from moving during service.

  • gentle
  • works great with tape dispenser

Disposable Glue Wells

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Our disposable glue wells are great for keeping your glue from curing too quickly and allow for 25 drops of glue. For added convenience add some tape to the back of your well and stick to the top of your lash tile before adding glue. When you are done just peel off your well and dispose of. It’s that easy!

  • Has room for 25 glue dots
  • Disposable
  • Easy clean up
  • Package of 10